Tattoo Line


Fascinated with the visual arts since childhood, he taught himself to draw and paint, dedicating significant time and passion to his art. He went on to study advertising graphics in high school, but in 2013 he came across the art of tattooing, which would form his life-long professional and artistic identity, though he still found time to continue painting and experimenting with new collections. He poured all his energy into the design and creation of Guardians: protective entities who accompanied him as he experimented with his art and to whom he decided to devote his artistic growth. His motto is: to each their own Guardian.

Out of the various new collections he has experimented with, comes the somewhat curious partnership with Lab58 and the desire to bring together two apparently diverse worlds and create a harmonious balance between them. The first line is sober but light, composed yet silent. The doors of the furniture serve as picture frames, where the soft, linear bodies of the Guardians can express themselves without the need for words.